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If you’re considering buying 925 Sterling Silver, you will no doubt want to know the difference between pure silver and 925 sterling silver. Well, pure silver is not really made up of only silver. It has 99.9% of silver, and a small content composed of other metals such as copper. Sterling Silver, on the other hand, consists of 92.5% silver, and the remaining part consists of copper – mostly copper. This is the reason why Sterling Silver is popularly referred to as 925 Sterling Silver or just 925 Silver. The reason silver needs to be combined with other metals is that it is very difficult to make great designs with just pure silver, which is very soft and malleable. A bit of hardness has to be introduced, by adding other metals such as copper. That’s why jewelers are capable of making the most intricate and complex designs with 925 Sterling Silver. 925 Sterling Silver jewelry certainly does not come cheap. It requires quite an investment from your side, whether you are buying a sterling silver pendant or a necklace. But it is a worthwhile investment as its value increases with time. What is very important though is not to be duped into buying fake 925 sterling silver jewelry. This is a serious issue because many jewelers are known to sell fake sterling silver necklaces, rings, earrings and so on. Sterling silver is much cheaper than costlier metals such as gold, and yet, fake imitations of sterling silver jewelry are sold in the market. For instance, it is common to come across silver plated jewelries that are sold as real sterling silver jewelries. Just jewelries have only a minimal silver content and are bound to deteriorate, sooner than later. That is why, knowing how to identify real 925 sterling silver from the fake ones will be of a great help to you and save you from much pain later. The techniques described here will help you do just that – to identify real sterling silver jewelry from the fake ones that are sold by certain untrustworthy sellers. 1. Rub the jewelry using a soft white cloth. If you find any black marks on the cloth, then you can be sure that it is made of real sterling silver. This is because any air exposure causes real sterling silver to oxidize. This causes them to deteriorate with time, and the reason why black marks are found on the cloth they are polished with. 2. Do The Nitric Acid Test. When drops of nitric acid are added to fake non-silver jewelries, they cause them to lose their color. Always ask a jeweler before buying 925 sterling silver from him if you can conduct the nitric acid test on it. Nitric acid has no effect on real s925 sterling silver, so if the jeweler is selling you a genuine product, he won’t have any objection to that. But be sure to wear gloves and protect your eyes with goggles while doing the nitric acid test. If the jewelry is made of real sterling silver, the part on which you drop the nitric acid will appear creamy in color, otherwise, if fake, it will appear green. 3. Use the Smell Test. Real sterling silver shouldn’t smell. If it does, it is because there is too much copper in it. 4. Use the Magnet Test. This is a simple test. Magnets have no effect on silver – just as they have no effect on gold or platinum. But if you find that the jewelry is attracted to the magnet, then it will be clear to you that it is not made of real sterling silver. 5. Real sterling silver jewelry will have markings such as “Ster,” “925” or “Sterling Silver” in a hidden area. If you don’t see such a marking, be wary of it immediately.


1.avoid directly with perfume, cosmetics, hair gel and other high volatile matter and strong corrosive cleaner contact, but also away from the strong heat source, X light and radioactive substances. 2. organic gemstones such as pearl, coral, afraid of acid corrosion, sweat is organic gemstone killer, to avoid such gems and vinegar, acid cleaning agent to avoid direct contact, summer gems and skin to skin contact. Pearl collection before available towel dipped in some olive oil to wipe, can make it bright pearl and keep humidity, avoid the bead surface cracking. If the silver jewelrydirty too much can also use vinegar diluted 50% scrub, but only a two time, long will corrosion. 3. preferably not in the same place wearing different material of silver jewelry, prevent friction or each other each other color contamination. 4.Silver maintenance method 4 is the best to wear every day, because the human body fat can make the silver sends warm natural luster. Normally not to wear collection, preferably in a confined pocket installed, prevent the silver necklacesurface in contact with air oxidation and black. 5. squeeze a little toothpaste on silver bracelet, add water, rub to play the appropriate white bubbles, then washed with water to clean can resume shine. 6. if the new bought silver jewelry more light, and to avoid future soon become black, the surface is coated with a thin layer of transparent nail polish, later every 10 days and an inunction. If you want to remove the nail polish, rubber water soak, then rinse clean.