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/Handheld Natural Jade Picasso Stone Massage Roller For Face

Handheld Natural Jade Picasso Stone Massage Roller For Face

As the story goes, the early versions of these rollers first appeared as part of ancient Chinese beauty rituals, supposedly for their metaphysical benefits and healing energy.
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Picasso Stone Jade Roller Massage Tool:

Jade Face Massage universal tool beneficial for all skin types. Great for cooling skin, lymphatic drainage and a nice way to complete your a.m. and p.m. routines. Another tip I often share with my clients is to use your roller to help relieve the need of picking or extracting skin, which can often be psychological habit. Blemishes, breakouts and acne are frustrating and naturally we have the feelings to extract. There is a time, place and only certain types of blemishes that should be extracted, attempting to extract out of those boundaries and you risk increasing inflammation to the dermis and epidermis, scarring/post-hyperpigmentation, and spreading bacteria. Use your jade roller to satisfy the need to touch skin or blemishes. Just start rolling that baby over the skin when you feel the need and remind yourself to be kind to your skin. Keep in the freezer for an extra cool down and to distract the nervous system to alleviate the feels. The body knows how to heal and giving it time to do so correctly is the best possible thing to do. It’s time to replace your magnifying mirror with a jade roller. 

face massage roller Face Massage Roller


Type Jade Massage Tool
Brand Name XLT
Main Stone Picasso Stone
Occasion Anniversary, Engagement, Gift, Party, Wedding
Material Stainless steel, Copper
OEM Customized orders are welcomed
Place of Origin Fujian, China (mainland)

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