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Multi color gemstone beads Jewelry


When jewelry meets with the candy color, it can move the heart of women easily.


As Shakespeare said:

“Silent jewelry can more move the heart of women than any words 

small beads bracelet


Combine fashion jewelry elements with sweet candy color

Ingenuity and meticulous design

Handicrafts, to create gorgeous and fashionable jewelry

With a dazzling high-level design

Meet all your demands to the jewelry accessories from quality and style

With moderate price, attract your heart

red agate bracelet


Women like jewelry

Just like children like candy

It is nature at work


When jewelry come across with the candy color

it’s a gorgeous and sweet taste

which people couldn’t tear themselves away from it

multi color bead bracelets


Colorful candy colors

compatible with gems  

Around the woman's hand / finger / earlobe / neck

turn into a bracelet / ring / earring / necklace

Blooming like a flower, small and nice



gemstone bead stretch bracelets


Weave a hand chain for you with true heart

lying around your wrists quietly

As my intoxicated heart

indulge in your charm


semi-precious stone bracelet

Colorful jewelry

Flowing between the wrists in the undulations

Alternating stretch of different color

light and romantic

The long-lasting love is condensed from the heart

full of affection condenses into jewels


Coral Bracelet


Coral Bracelet’s charm:red coral color is alive, presenting subtle color changes as weather is sunny or cloudy , the season is dry or wet , it’s light or shade, the wearer’s body condition is good or bad.


Sun-stone Necklace


Amethyst bracelet


Crystal bracelet


Lava bead bracelets




Natural Gemstone Ring


The charming ring of curves.

Jewelry inlaid with texture

Bright colors make the fingers glow.


Gold ring circle, interlaced ring setting

Parallel stop, just to meet with you

Implicit, with deep love

Exquisite, with nifty

No one can resist the charm


The gems, one big one small

Laying on the special ring circle

Like a close lover


Love attachment

Overflowing on a chic ring

deeply hidden in your heart

As holding forever love tightly




Jewelry whisper in the ear

Long wait day and night

Still full of obsession, just to let you hear


Various shape, various color

Three-dimensional tassel design

Swaying around in the ear

become the most beautiful scenery in the ear


A perfect happiness from jewelry

Let you show your confidence and calmness in the bottom of your heart.

Natural emission belongs to your elegance and intellectuality




As the years passed, flowers bloom and fade again and again

What you want keep, is a pure heart

Shown completely by the jewelry you wear


Intertwine, a three-dimensional feeling

Twist and turns, a Smooth feeling

Out of the whole, a full feeling

Show the neck, a fashion beauty feeling

Add a bit of liveliness and fun





A seamless style

Fresh feeling arises spontaneously.

Every ornament is just right

The sweetness of candy is even more amazing


Xiamen Xinlongten

Candy color jewelry accessories


Jewelry and women

Who actually warm who, who exactly lit up whom?

Candy color and jewelry series

Sweet happiness, warm beauty


A perfect jewelry

only match well with women

can find the meaning of blooming beauty

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